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Where myth meets mission

We specialise in bespoke playful experiences to build your team, creativity & culture. We make it tailored to your company's values, purpose, and challenges. From exclusive gatherings at breathtaking venues to engaging team-building activities that foster communication and trust, we're here to help you create cherished memories while achieving sustainable growth in your investments.

By leveraging the power of imagination and integrating elements from immersive theatre, contemporary art, music, and spiritual practices, we create unforgettable and profound experiences that leave a lasting impact on participants and the market.

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Lady with mask
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business events

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team buildings

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immersive dinners

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experiential marketing & events

Mushroom pooring tea

This is the weirdest and most unusual daytime retreat I've participated in, everything was very beautifully and non-standardly done. The tent with an umbrella roof was impressive.


A very entertaining evening which will stay in your memory for a very long time!


A very unusual approach to networking dinners, I've never encountered anything like this before. Very creative!


It's not just another business event;
it's an exploration, a paradigm shift

We crafting experiences based on a co-authored myth about your company provides meaning to events and, more importantly, infuses purpose into the working process.

Embarking on a "hero's journey" with your team establishes genuine connections, allowing you to see your co-workers through a new lens. Traditional team-building approaches often fall short, failing to yield new results or contribute to achieving your goals. It's time for a paradigm shift. 

Why does this matter?

If your team feels disconnected, it might be because they're not inspired or don't see the meaning in their work. When people are not engaged, their creative thinking suffers. Think of all the great ideas your team has that are just waiting to be used. Creating the right environment can help turn these ideas into valuable assets for your business.

To put it simply, as Jung said: 'Meaninglessness inhibits fullness of life and is therefore equivalent to illness. Meaning makes a great many things endurable—perhaps everything.' Building a sense of purpose in your team is crucial for both personal and company growth.

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Begin your journey with dot and salt

During High-Stress Periods and Burnout Concerns

When your team is grappling with high levels of stress, burnout, or a sense of disconnection, Dot and Salt can step in to provide a rejuvenating experience. Their unique approach is designed to address these challenges and bring about emotional release, helping teams rekindle a positive mindset.

Transition to Remote Work or Distributed Teams

When your team undergoes a transition to remote work or operates as a distributed workforce, Dot and Salt's physical team-building experiences become invaluable. These events offer an opportunity for teams to come together in real time, fostering collaboration and creating memorable shared experiences.

Customized Team-Building for Company Milestones

When your company reaches significant milestones, such as product launches or major achievements, Dot and Salt can tailor team-building activities to align with the celebratory spirit and objectives. This ensures that your team experiences a unique and memorable event that reflects the company's culture.

Strategic Focus on Employee Well-being

When there is a strategic emphasis on prioritizing employee well-being and holistic approaches to team development, Dot and Salt becomes the ideal partner. Their integration of wellness activities and mindfulness practices ensures that your team not only grows together but also nurtures both the mental and physical aspects of individual well-being.


 We specialise in creating exceptional events that go beyond traditional boring business meetings, team-building activities, and networking dinners. Our focus is on delivering unforgettable experiences tailored for visionary leaders seeking new perspectives to elevate professional journey and enrich personal life. 

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