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We specialize in crafting unique experiences that align with your company's values, purpose, or challenges, fostering stronger bonds and inspiring bigger ideas. Through co-authoring a powerful narrative, we infuse depth and meaning into your teamwork, creating an impact that extends to your customers and the market.


Dot represents pure potential.

From the • entire galaxies and worlds can emerge. it's the pure beginning of something beautiful.

Salt symbolizes the core of things -the concept, deep value, and crystal-clear truth that shines brightly.

Lyubov Matyunina Dot and Salt

I’m Lyubov Matyunina, a visionary visual artist and art director with a passionate belief in the transformative power of inspiration. In the pursuit of meaning and joy in our lives, I merge my background in fine art and journalism with a passion for elevating individuals beyond the mundane. We often find ourselves lost in the monotony of automatic actions and repetitive entertainment that lacks true fulfillment. It is my unwavering commitment to redefine the human experience by shifting paradigms and creating deep, meaningful encounters. I aim to direct moments where myth meets mission—experiences that transcend ordinary reality, allowing people to live through them and be elevated for several hours into the extraordinary.

In collaboration with a diverse network of creative professionals, including artists, musicians, and healing practitioners, I curate unique immersive experience-based events for the dot and salt project. Each experience is a testament to the reimagining of contemporary existence, showcasing a spectrum of genres and emphasizing the profound impact of art in shifting paradigms.

With love,

Our values

We help individuals and teams better understand themselves, find a clear purpose, and embark on a shared journey of self-discovery.


Our commitment is to create impactful and transformative experiences that leave a lasting impression.


We use proven techniques, including rituals and symbols, to unlock the potential of the mind and foster personal and team growth.









Dot and salt projects offer unique immersive experiences, inspiring and guiding teams through transformative journeys that bind them together and reconnect them with their inner selves. Recognizing that team disengagement often results from a lack of inspiration or a loss of meaning, our approach extracts untapped genius ideas, transforming them into valuable assets for your team.

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