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immersive dinners

aligned with your company's values, purpose,

or challenges

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Bespoke playful experiences to build your team, creativity & culture 💫 For Start-ups, Scale-ups, and Corporations.

Our focus is on delivering unforgettable experiences tailored for visionary leaders seeking new perspectives to elevate professional journey and enrich personal life.  

Immersive Dinners

Dive into a culinary adventure with our special dinners, where sharing a meal goes beyond just food. It's about connecting and creating shared experiences, bridging cultures and stories. Experience a blend of stories, art, and delicious food that will leave a lasting impression. Every detail is carefully crafted to strengthen team bonds and cultivate a common goal. Plus, our immersive dinners double as a fantastic networking opportunity for potential investors and partners. Create unforgettable memories that resonate with your team's journey and pave the way for future success.

value for the company

For Startups: Gain a competitive edge with our immersive dining experiences tailored for startups. These events offer a unique opportunity to showcase creativity, innovation, and brand identity, fostering deeper connections with potential investors and partners. Enhance brand reputation and leave a lasting impression that accelerates growth and secures vital investments.

For Scale-ups: Elevate your growth trajectory with our bespoke dining experiences designed for scale-ups. Showcase your company's success and vision in a memorable and engaging way, attracting new investors and forging stronger partnerships. Strengthen brand reputation and credibility, paving the way for continued expansion and success.

For Corporations: Transform corporate events into unforgettable experiences with our curated dining experiences. Impress clients, investors, and stakeholders with immersive storytelling, exquisite cuisine, and captivating entertainment. Enhance brand visibility and reputation, fostering trust and loyalty among key stakeholders and driving business growth and success.


A perfect dinner experience if you like myths, art and delicious food! Every detail, from the plates to the music told a story.


A very entertaining evening which will stay in your memory for a very long time!


Soundscapes were nice and made a relaxed feeling. Overall an interesting concept. Thanks for arranging!


mermaid from team building event
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crafting your unique experience with dot and salt

step 1: Discovery

Unveiling Your Vision

Initial Consultation: Dive deep into your company's values, challenges, and objectives.

Tailored Proposal: Craft a unique concept aligned with your team's dynamics and company ethos.

step 2: Design

Weaving Your Narrative

Creative Collaboration: Refine the event's concept with our creative experts.

Storyboarding: Detail the flow, activities, and immersive elements, turning your vision into a tangible narrative.

step 3: Preparation

Setting the stage

VENUE AND LOGISTICS: Meticulously select a venue that resonates with the event's theme.

IMMERSIVE ELEMENTS: Prepare custom-designed sets, soundscapes, and installations for a fully immersive experience.

Step 4: Experience

Living the Story

The Event: Step into a world where myth meets mission for moments of discovery, connection, and growth.

Engagement and Interaction: Guided activities and immersive storytelling foster collaboration, creativity, and a deeper understanding.

Step 5: Reflection

Beyond the experience

DEBRIEF AND FEEDBACK: Reflect on experiences, gather feedback, and discuss the impact on team dynamics.

CONTINUED ENGAGEMENT: Provide follow-up materials and suggestions for integrating insights into daily interactions and company culture.

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Your Journey Awaits

With dot and salt, it's more than an event; it's a transformative experience weaving narrative, creativity, and connection. Ready to embark? Contact us to craft an unforgettable experience together.

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